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Vetstar - Entering Patient Weight

Weights should be documented at each visit. A current weight is always required for prescriptions. Access the Weight function using one of the following options:

Video Training Link: Patient Weight Entry

Accessing the Weight Change Screen and Weight Entry

The weight will be in red if it has not been taken. The dispensary will not fill prescriptions without a current weight.

  1. From the Vetstar home screen, bring up the patient for which you want to enter the weight.
  2. From the Command line, enter the quick command wt and press enter.
  3. You can also select select on the Weight link next to the patients weight on the home screen. 
  4. Enter the weight value into the Weight field, and then press Enter past the next two fields to accept the default and leave
  5. Leave the Condition field blank, we do not use it. Note: The default unit of measure is pounds/lbs. You can press F4 to lookup other units of measure.
  6. Enter the Date that the weight was taken into the Date field and press Enter.


View weight history

To see a listing of all weights entered into a patient’s record, click on the Weight History button at the top left of the Weight Change screen.


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