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Echo360 Recording a Lecture

Instructors have the ability to record lectures directly to Echo360 in their offices with their personal computers.
  1. Computer with Echo360 Universal Capture (Personal) installed.
  2. Microphone connected or integrated with the computer.
  3. Video camera not required*
* Currently Vet Med recorded lectures include the faculty's voice and any item they present on the screen, but not the faculty members face/body.  Therefore a video camera is not required.
Installing Echo360 Universal Capture (Personal)
  1. For Mac computers, please put in a ticket with
  2. For Windows users, please go to the Software Center [Link for document 93853 is unavailable at this time]
    1. Click on "Echo360 Universal Capture (Personal)"
    2. Select Install
    3. The software is now available.  A desktop icon will be created called Echo360 Universal Capture.
Open the Application
  1. Open Echo360 Universal Capture
  2. Select Click Here to Login
  3. Login with email (
  4. You will be asked to "Open Echo360 Capture?  Select"Open Echo360 Capture"
  5. You are now ready to begin a capture.
Recording a Lecture - Quick Start Guide
  1. Open this 1-page quick start guide: Echo360UCQuickStart.pdf
  2. Or for slightly more detail this 2-page quick start guide:  Echo360UniversalCapture2-page.pdf
  3. Under Edit Capture Details > Title:  For title use the following convention:  Course Number - (Lecture Number)  - [Section Name] - Subject - Instructor
    1. Example Core Curriculum:  VM 608 - (3) - [Epidemiology] - Epidemiology as a Tool for Critical Thinking (Epi 1) - Johnson-Walker
    2. Example Electives:  VM 627 - (1) - [Equine Infections Disease] - Diagnosis of Common Infectious Respiratory Diseases - Austin
    3. Example Professional Development:  VM 617 - [Equine Techniques] - Castration Review - McCoy
  4. Under Edit Capture Details > Description: Optional longer description.
  5. Under Edit Capture Details > Tags: Optional search terms.
  6. Under Edit Capture Details > Publish To... select Library
  7. Record your lecture.
Recommendation:  Run a test recording to familiarize yourself with the software.  Confirm sound quality is good and video recorded expected screens.  To view your test recording, login into Echo as an instructor Vet Med Echo360 Login and click "My Content".  Be sure to include the word "TEST" in your recording title.

Associate Your Lecture with a Class

  1. After you finish your recording, login into Echo as an instructor Vet Med Echo360 Loginand click "My Content" to review the recording.
  2. If ready to share with students, and your course is setup in Echo360:
    1. If the class is already setup in your course, upload the lecture the class following the instructions in KB Echo360 Upload lecture to class
    2. If the class is not setup up yet, first add the class and then add materials following the instructions in KB Echo360 Add a new class, add materials
  3. If your course is not setup, or you run into problems uploading materials or adding a class to your course, submit a ticket to indicating you want the lecture published.  Include the instructor's name, title of the recording, date recorded, and date and time of the scheduled class the recording is for. 
  4. Note:  Recordings with the word "TEST" will not be associated with any course and will only be viewable by the creator and Echo360 administrator.
Removing View Permissions to a Recording
  1. If you need to revoke any recording (make it so no one can view it) please submit a ticket to with the instructor's name, title of the recording and date recorded asking that access to the capture be revoked.
More Information on Echo360
  1. Echo360 Support Site

Vet Med Echo360 LoginEcho360 Upload lecture to classEcho360 Add a new class, add materials

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