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Automated AD Groups

Membership in some Vet Med distribution groups, as well as the intranet security group, is automated based on appointment information. Once their appointment in Vet Med department is processed they will begin receiving emails for those groups. Likewise, if they transfer to a new department on campus, they will continue receiving those emails until their new department has processed their appointment, at which point they are automatically removed.

1)  cn: cvm-intranetgroup
    description: SiteMinder access for CVM Intranet

Criteria: any of:

    a) Vet Med employees (UOFI AD)
    b) DVM students (UOFI AD)
    c) Vet Med graduate students (UOFI AD)
    d) New Hires (UOFI AD)
    e) Affiliate Year Students (from cvm-AffYearGroup)
    f) Special includes (misc text files)

2)  cn: cvmlists-allaps
    description: All college academic professionals
    displayName: Vet Med Lists allAPs
    Criteria: EDW EMPEE_GROUP_CD  =  'B'

3)  cn: cvmlists-allstaff
    description: All Civil Service staff employed by CVM (automated)
    displayName: cvmlists-allstaff

    Criteria: EDW EMPEE_GROUP_CD  =  'C'

4)  cn: vetmed-biweekly-employees
    description: Biweekly Employees
    displayName: vetmed-biweekly-employees

    Criteria:  Any of:

    a) EDW JOB_DETL_EMPEE_CLS_CD IN ('CA', 'CB', 'CG', 'CH')  # Civil Service
    b) EDW JOB_DETL_EMPEE_CLS_CD  LIKE  'E_'  # Extra Help
    c) EDW JOB_DETL_EMPEE_CLS_CD  LIKE  'H_'  # (Grad or Academic) Hourly
    d) EDW JOB_DETL_EMPEE_CLS_CD  LIKE  'S_'  # Undergrad Student Hourly

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