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Office 365, Email, Exchange, Missing Appointments in Outlook Calendar

I am missing a meeting on my calendar or my calendar is double-booked. A meeting someone else put on my calendar doesn't appear.
There have been a few instances of cached shared calendars in Outlook on Windows causing the following undesired behavior: Person A will open Person B's calendar and put a meeting on Person B's calendar. When Person A views Person B's calendar the meeting is there, but it never actually appears on Person B's calendar. This can cause missed meetings or double-booking.

Turning off the caching of shared folders in Outlook on Windows seems to correct this issue.
  1. In Outlook for Windows Go to the Tools or File Menu and select Account Settings
  2. Select your Exchange Account and press the change button
  3. Press the more settings button
  4. Select the 2nd tab (Advanced)
  5. Un-check the "Download shared folders" option.
  6. Press OK until all options are saved.
  7. You will need to restart Outlook for the changes to take place.

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