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Technology Services Printing, Job Retention

Documents sent to the printing system may remain in the system for a limited time but are not archived or recoverable after they have been processed.

Hold/Release Queues

Many printer locations operate with a hold/release queue. Your jobs will be paused in the queue until you release or cancel them. Jobs that are not released or canceled after 1 hour are automatically canceled by the system.

Job Archiving

Jobs sent to consumer printers--such as lab and office printers or copiers--are not archived or retained after they are processed. There is no way for Technology Service to retrieve a job after it has been printed or canceled.

Orders submitted for specialty printing--such as poster or large format printing--may be archived in the order system after they are processed. Please contact the department that processed your order if you would like more information.

Web Printing

Documents uploaded to the Web Print system are only saved until they have been rendered. Usually rendering happens within a couple minutes, and after a document has been rendered, the system deletes it. Rendered documents become jobs in a print queue and follow the same rules for archiving as jobs sent from workstations.

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