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61Canvas@Illinois , Copying quizzes to another course1123632023-08-161644
62Canvas@Illinois , Creating a file upload quiz question1124372023-08-161632
63Canvas@Illinois , Access the Design Tools Sidebar with Keyboard Shortcut1212262023-08-161287
64Canvas@Illinois , Creating a formula quiz question with a single variable1124482023-08-161562
65Canvas@Illinois , Archived Content1185242023-08-161546
66Canvas@Illinois , Editing a Page in a Course1123492023-08-161615
67Canvas@Illinois , Creating Badges with Credentials (Badgr)1209262023-08-161064
68Canvas@Illinois , Copying select content from one course to another1123612023-08-161995
69Canvas@Illinois , Digication1125852023-08-161548
70Canvas@Illinois , How can I use on my mobile device as a student?1127292023-08-161645
71Canvas@Illinois , Access and Training1122442023-08-161681
72Canvas@Illinois , Creating a multiple dropdown quiz question1124382023-08-162084
73Canvas@Illinois , File Uploads via File Tree or Editor1194672023-08-16766
74Canvas@Illinois , Files1122562023-08-161535
75Canvas@Illinois , Creating a quiz with a question group linked to a question bank1124472023-08-161652
76Canvas@Illinois , General Enhancement Features1267512023-08-16350
77Canvas@Illinois , Creating a New Page1123482023-08-161666
78Canvas@Illinois , Adding an announcement1127272023-08-161632
79Canvas@Illinois , Group Naming Convention Best Practices1172582023-08-161718
80Canvas@Illinois , Enable and Access the Multi Tool1216792023-08-16794

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