TeamDynamix, Technician Training Overview

Training resources are provided for IT Pros and technicians to learn how to use TeamDynamix. These job aids are designed to be general references and are most useful in this recommended sequence.

  1. Overview of the TDNext Desktop
  2. How do I set up the Tickets Desktop?
  3. How do I search and filter in TDNext?
  4. How do I view ticket Details?
  5. How do I create an Incident Ticket in TDNext?
  6. How do I edit an Incident Ticket in TDNext?
  7. How do I update an Incident Ticket in TDNext?
  8. How do I assign tickets to a Responsible Party in TDNext?
  9. How do I add an attachment to a ticket in TDNext?
  10. How Do I Use the People app?
  11. How do I use the My Work app?

Additional Resources