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How to set a default 2FA device for AITS VPN

Managing the 2FA configuration for the AITS VPN is different from how 2FA is managed for everything else. The AITS VPN does not prompt for you to choose a 2FA method when connecting. The AITS VPN uses your default login method that is set in Duo Classic Manager. This article goes into further detail.

First, you must have a 2FA working device setup on your account at the NetID Center: 2FA, Enroll a new phone/new phone number (

The university recommends using Duo Push as your authentication method use the Duo Mobile Application on your smartphone. See KB 67790 for more information: 2FA, Installing the Duo Mobile app (

Once a 2FA device is set up under the NetID Center, set the default login setting for the AITS VPN using Duo Classic Manage:

  1. Go to the Duo Classic Manger:  If prompted, login with your Net ID and password.
  2. Select My Settings & Devices
  3. Follow the on screen warning “First, we need to confirm it's really you” and authenticate with the 2FA device previously setup at the NetID Center
  4. Under My Settings & Devices use the “When I log in:” dropdown to set your default preference for connecting to the AITS VPN:
    1. To use the Duo App and Duo push as your default for the AITS VPN, choose: Automatically send this device a DUO push
    2. Otherwise choose: Automatically call this device
  5. Click Save

When you initiate a connection to the AITS VPN it will now send a Duo Push prompt to your phone, or it will call you based on the setting made.