Webstore, Adobe NU and SDL Package Updates

Information about Webstore Adobe NU and SDL package updates

WebStore updates Adobe IT Pro NU and SDL packages mid-month, every month.

About Adobe packaging releases:

The Adobe package releases occur continuously with both minor and major releases. Apps and app family development follow separate schedules. Adobe version release scheduling occurs in 14 day intervals.

Apps that share the same version number and are usually released together

Recent Adobe news:

The 2023 Creative Cloud app major version releases should be completed by February of 2023.

Adobe Reader and Acrobat are now combined into a single unified installer for Creative Cloud Enterprise. Installing this version over a previously installed version of 32-bit Reader requires special consideration.

For more options and information on deploying Acrobat Enterprise, use this guide:

***Please note that Trial Acrobat installs are NOT compatible with Enterprise Acrobat Named User packages.****

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