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KnowledgeBase - Universal Guiding Principles for KB Partners

Universal guiding principles for KB partners.

Every KB partner at the University of Illinois is required to follow a universal set of guiding principles to unify with the top level KB and to promote information sharing and collaboration among all partner groups. These include:

  • Make every effort to avoid content duplication and conflicting solutions, especially from the public top-level site
  • Carefully follow all style guidelines pertaining to document titles, content, keywords, and proper usage of Javascript.
  • Document Relevance must be defaulted to My University System to allow for documents to be searched from any University of Illinois KB front-end.
  • Ensure all documents contain clean HTML. When copy/pasting from other programs like Microsoft Word, use tools such as HTML-Cleaner
  • All documents must have expiration dates and be reviewed on a regular cycle.  Expired documents will be unavailable for viewing.
  • Feedback on documents (Helpful/Unhelpful votes) should be reviewed regularly.  Unhelpful documents should be edited or removed.
  • Comments should be reviewed and acted on promptly.