KnowledgeBase - What are the different System Offices roles and responsibilities?

System Offices KB Roles and responsibilities for the University of Illinois.

The following chart outlines roles and responsibilities required for KB System Offices at the University of Illinois. 

Roles for University

of Illinois System Offices KB Users  

 RolesDepartments with their own URL ($1K Annually) without their own URL 
($0 Annually) Example: OBFS (OBFS is under System Offices umbrella) 
AITS University of Wisconsin (UW)(vendor) 
Content   Manager  X X  
Administrator XN/A
 LiaisonX **   X   
KB Partner X XXX
 Vendor and Architect  X 

Please note: People can be assigned multiple roles.  Also, if you join another group (i.e., there wouldn't be an additional cost for your group.    

** Work with your KB Administrator for items related to these roles.

KB Role Definitions:

  • Liaison – Responsible for addressing specific concerns, issues and/or problems with vendor and University of Illinois group members. Address issues concerning relationships or services within the U of I KB. Work closely with all group members and focus on vendor relationship. Identify areas that need improvement and recommend necessary actions. Develop a full understanding of the needs of the departments/groups, issues and problems. Create opportunities for vendor and group members to discuss and educate themselves on KB issues. Serve as the consultant on vendor related issues. Coordinate monthly user group meetings with University of Illinois System group members. 
  • KB Partner - Responsible for owning and administrating their own KB and contributing knowledge, experience, resources, and participating in two-way communications with other groups.  An academic group/department/college utilizing University of Wisconsin's (UW) hosted KnowledgeBase for content sharing and collaboration.  
  • Vendor and Architect – Responsible for hosting a partner site within UW KB service environment using a “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) approach. Provide a KB environment that includes the ability to share its content with other KB partners. Provide access to shared content related to support of technology and business practices used in higher education available for possible adoption by KB partners. Provide a license to non-exclusive use of the KB service environment with no implied or explicit transfer of copyright. Work with KB partner on a time and materials fee-for-service basis, to effect a smooth transfer of KB content. Provide a senior staff member to serve as a primary point of contact for KB partner’s administrator or backup and available during 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. during regular business days. KB partner administrator support will be provided as needed during standard hours for up to 10 hours per year at no charge. Additional support hours may be purchased at a rate of $90 per hour.