University Bursar - How can I get my address on the IRS Form 1098-T corrected?

You will need to update your mailing address by following the steps below:

Blue Box 1 Log into the Student Self-Service

Blue Box 2 Select "Personal Information"

Blue Box 3 Select “Addresses & Phones”

Blue Box 4 Select “Mailing Address” from the “Type of Address to Insert” drop down menu

Blue Box 5 Select "Submit"

Blue Box 6 Enter the required information

Blue Box 7 Select “Submit”

    Blue Box 8 After you have updated your mailing address, email University Bursar Customer Service at  
    Please Note: Student Self Service will not update immediately. However, any information updated in Student Self-Service will be included in the final file transmittal to the IRS March 31st.

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