Records Storage

Part of any effective records management program is the timely disposition of records that are obsolete or past the period of their active use. When records are not yet eligible for disposal there are two storage options available: departmental records storage or off-campus vendors.

Departmental Records Storage

Due to the high costs and limited availability of office space, storage of records within a department is generally discouraged. Cost-effective options for storage of records can be found further down on this page.

Records that have passed their State mandated minimum retention periods should be disposed of after receiving State approval.

If you must store records in your department please refer to the Organizing Physical Records for Storage for information and best practices.

Off-Campus Vendors

For units that elect to store records in a vendor-provided space, please contact the RIMS office directly for information about the off-campus vendors used for storage near each campus.

Records Management - Planning a Move

If departments have remodeling, moving, or reorganization plans, it is strongly encouraged that planning for records disposition be incorporated into the overall planning process for those major activities.

The RIMS team can work with departments to dispose of records that may be past their retention period, saving the trouble and costs of moving unnecessary materials. RIMS can also help departments create an inventory or plan for their records which will provide more accurate information for storage needs in the new space.

Proper Contacts For Moving Services


Submit a work order in FMWeb. Work requests should be made as far in advance as possible because services will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. However, every attempt will be made to accommodate specialized needs and emergencies.


Contact Facilities Scheduling and Services to request the Campus Movers services.


Submit a work request to Facilities & Services. The cost is roughly $100 for 40 boxes.

Storage Notes

Please note that for purposes of standardization, weight, and size constraints, all records, whether stored in departmental spaces or sent to storage outside of office spaces, should be packed in standard 10" x 12" x 15" Bankers boxes with lids and handles. This size is necessary for shelving; other sizes will result in re-boxing fees. These boxes can be ordered from the ODP Business Solutions catalog through i-Buy (item #: 12770).

For more information about the options discussed on this page, please contact the RIMS team

Records and Information Management Services Group

Urbana Office: Rm. 450 HAB M/C 359

Chicago Office: AOB M/C 817

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