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ILFW Directory- Adding/editing a CV

How to add or update a CV on your directory page in the Illinois Drupal Framework

CV files in the Illinois Drupal Framework (ILFW) are now hosted remotely. This change was made to help prevent old or outdated CV files from remaining searchable on our websites.

To add a CV to your directory page, navigate to your departmental directory profile page and click the 'Edit your profile' link in the gray box on the right side of the page. Scroll down to the 'Link to CV' field and paste in the link to your file. Links must be an external URL such as

CVs can be hosted through

To host a file on UofI Box:

  • Log in at
  • Click the "New+" button in the top right and select "File upload" from the dropdown
  • Upload a CV from your computer
  • Once successfully uploaded, click the "Share" button in the dialogue box or the icon next to your uploaded file
  • Toggle the "Create shared link" checkbox to open additional sharing options
  • Click the blue "Invited people only" link to open a dropdown, and change this setting to "People with the link"
  • Click "Copy" to copy the link to your CV file
  • Paste this link into the "Link to CV" field on your department directory page

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