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WebStore, FAQ Adobe Enterprise annual subscription for faculty, staff, and students

Annual subscription renewals are now required for all Faculty, Staff and Students using Adobe products.

Going forward from June 30, 2022, Faculty, Staff and Students will be required to renew Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions on a yearly basis. The University of Illinois consortia will continue to review and make funding decisions on license provisions that will decide the cost for University customers.

When does my current subscription expire?

  • Faculty and Staff annual subscriptions start and end on June 30th (6/30).
  • Student annual subscriptions start and end on August 1st (8/01).

I did not get a notification about needing to renew my subscription. What should I do now?
  • You can renew your subscription at any time by going to the WebStore and searching for Adobe products. All currently subscribed customers should get an email notification from WebStore when it's time to renew again. For the year 2022, with the change from continuous to annual subscriptions for faculty and staff, there should also be reminders and announcements sent from departments, E-Week, and other sources.

Will there be a grace period before my service is canceled?

  • There will be a two week grace period from the expiration date before service is canceled. 

What if I miss the deadline? Will the contents of my storage be deleted when my subscription ends?

  • If you miss the deadline, the next time you open your Adobe apps, you will get a notification that your access is denied or your subscription is expired. You will not have access to Cloud documents, synced files, libraries or other cloud storage services until you renew your subscription. However, your data will not be deleted and will be available again when you reactivate the service.

What if I decide I don't want to renew my Adobe subscription but I didn't back up my Cloud storage? Can I get access to it so that I can retrieve it?

  • You can email and request your data from Adobe Cloud Storage. We will evaluate the possible solutions available to help you retrieve your data. If you leave the University permanently and your account is removed your Adobe Cloud data may no longer be available.
I don't need most Adobe apps for my work but I do need Acrobat DC Pro. Can I just get Acrobat without the rest of the apps?
  • The Acrobat DC Pro subscription that was available during the subscription year of 2022-2023 has been discontinued. Everyone should get the Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise, even if you only need Acrobat.

Should I reorder the Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise Subscription from the WebStore if my Adobe apps are not working?

  • If you don't have access to Adobe apps but have already ordered the subscription for the year, reordering the WebStore offer WILL NOT fix your issue. Please visit the troubleshooting guides for Adobe to find the solution to getting access back to your apps and if you still need assistance, then email WebStore at
I am confused about how to renew my Adobe license and/or install the program. Do you have step-by-step instructions that I can follow?
I have a current Adobe license from the WebStore but I can't sign in or my apps aren't working.
  • Check out the help documentation on Adobe for renewing, installing or troubleshooting Adobe first. This will save you time and prevent you from having to wait for someone to respond who may be the wrong person to help. Most issues with Adobe are solved by making sure your apps are up to date and completing a proper sign-in with Adobe. 
  • First Steps for Adobe Applications
  • Advanced Steps for Adobe Applications
  • If you have tried the solutions from the help articles and your issue persists, open a ticket by emailing WebStore.

I am an IT Pro helping a user with an Adobe problem. Are there resources for me?

I am a graduate student employee with a staff title but the faculty/ staff subscriptions say I am ineligible.  Am I eligible for the faculty/staff Adobe subscriptions? 
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Employees can have a departmental title of staff and still NOT have the necessary state employee classification status as staff. If the faculty/staff offer is not found in your WebStore account search or you are getting a message on the offer that you are ineligible, that is not a mistake. All student employees who cannot claim the faculty/staff subscription should claim the Adobe Student offer for their respective campus. If the student employee's job requires an Adobe subscription, there is also an Adobe Subscription for student employees that the department may purchase on your behalf.

I am a retired faculty/staff member and I used to have an active Adobe subscription before it expired. I can't find an offer in the WebStore to renew. Where is it?

  • Retired and emeritus faculty without an appointment do not have access to current Adobe licenses. If you are doing work for your department, your department may purchase a paid annual subscription for $200 on your behalf, using CFOP banner account funds. Your department purchaser should send an email to with the purchase request.

I need to get an Adobe license for my extra help employee. They can login to the WebStore but the offer is not there. What should I do?

  • For the 2025 Adobe subscription and on, employees with an Extra Help classification are now automatically eligible for the license.
  • External affiliates and contractors must mail with a request. Include the NetId of the person who needs a license, their job title, a description of their employee role within the department and the reason they need the Adobe software to perform their job duties.

For IT Pros -- Do Adobe Shared Device Licenses on University and Lab computers need to be renewed as well? 
  • NO, Shared Device Licenses provide a license only to university computers intended for shared STUDENT use and are meant for classroom computer labs.
  • IT staff do NOT need to renew their SDL and NU orders from the WebStore because they only provide access to distribution packages, not subscriptions.

For IT Pros -- I distribute the Adobe Named User (NU) IT Pro packages from the WebStore. Do my customers need to renew their subscriptions?

  • YES, every university customer who is using Adobe apps with a Named User license, has to renew their subscription, regardless of whether they get their apps directly from Adobe or from their IT department.
  • Named User IT Pro packages come in both MANAGED and SELF SERVICE versions. Installing MANAGED packages on your university computers while failing to provide regular updates for ALL Adobe apps or only some of them, will cause Adobe apps to stop working. Managed packages also prevent the end user from being able to fix the issue themselves. Installing SELF SERVICE packages on university computers keeps Adobe apps working by providing regular updates and allows end user to fix their own problems.

Can I ask my IT support to renew my Adobe subscription for me?

  • Adobe subscriptions must be assigned to an individual's WebStore account for the renewal process to work. In most cases, it is easier and faster to log into your WebStore account and get it yourself.
I already have Adobe installed on my computer. But I don't have a WebStore license. Will my apps still work?
  • Adobe apps that were purchased personally with a serial number and Adobe subscriptions that are associated with a Personal account NOT a school account will still work without the University of Illinois subscription. If you have a personal Adobe subscription you will be billed monthly for the service. The University Enterprise subscription is an annual purchase. If you have a university owned computer with Adobe apps installed through Endpoint Services, you will still need a subscription to use the apps.


More Adobe resources:


If you have a question that was not answered on this FAQ or the resources above, please contact the WebStore at


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