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Canvas@Illinois, What are Enhanced Gradebook Filters?

This article describes how instructors and teaching assistants can use Enhanced Gradebook Filters to customize their gradebook view to filter by different criteria and save frequent filtering settings.


Canvas offers multiple, customizable views of the gradebook. Enhanced Gradebook Filters allows you to select, manage, and save filter types based on multiple criteria within the gradebook.

How is Enhanced Gradebook Filters different than the current filtering options?

Enhanced Gradebook Filters provides additional filtering options as well as the ability to create presets of these criteria that you may access again in the future. The location of where these and other related settings are managed will also be changed. For a comparison of the different views, review the screenshots below:

Current Gradebook Filtering View

Screenshot of current view of the gradebook with two red boxes highlighting Item A (filtering options) and Item B (import/export options)

  • Section A: All filters are displayed on the top right side of the screen with multiple drop down menus to make selections (after enabling these options from the View tab/menu).
  • Section B: Options to import or export the gradebook are accessed through the Actions tab/menu.

Enhanced Gradebook Filtering View

Screenshot of Enhanced Gradebook Filter view with two red boxes highlighting Item A (filtering options under the Apply Filters button) on the left and Item B (Import/Export buttons and Settings button) on the top right

  • Section A: All filtering options are available after selecting the Apply Filters button on the left side of the screen. New filtering options include status, submissions, and start & end date. You’ll also be able to create and save settings by selecting the Create & Manage Filter Presets option.
  • Section B: Import and Export buttons always display on the top right menu for easy access to import/export the gradebook. Other settings that were previously available from the View tab are now found in Settings (gear icon in the top right) in the View Options tab (not pictured).

How do I use Enhanced Gradebook Filters?

For more information on how to use these new filtering options, see Canvas@Illinois, How do I use Enhanced Gradebook Filters?.

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