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Identity and Access Management, Bitwarden, Logging in for the first time with the Illinois Organization

Bitwarden is a password management service that stores sensitive information and credentials, such as websites and resource accounts. These instructions are not for the Free Accounts set up with your email address. There are instructions on how to sync up your free account if it was set up prior to your department joining the Illinois Organization.

Your department can use this vault to save Resource Account Passwords.

To utilize Bitwarden, an assigned vault for your department must be created for you within the Bitwarden portal.

An Authorization Manager (AuthMan) group folder will be created and delegated (if your department doesn't already have one). If you have multiple sections under your department, for example, a Help Desk and a Desktop Team, you can create distinct groups under your main group folder.

These groups will then be added to Bitwarden.  You can leave these teams separate or combine them under one umbrella. 

You will get an email requesting that you join the Organization. The screenshots below walk you through the next few steps.

No Bitwarden Account Instructions: 

Free Bitwarden Account (with email) Instructions: 

If you do not have a current bitwarden account with your email follow the instructions below: 

If you have an existing Bitwarden account with your email, you must log in and sync your account.  If you do not have an account with your email, you must create one.

This is an image of the Create Account screen.  This screen you will enter your email address, your name and create a Master Password to unlock your vault once your account is set up.

Once you complete the request to create a new account, you will be prompted to enter your email address and continue the process.

The image is of the login screen, you will use your email and tab to the "continue" button.

You will be presented with this information once you have entered your email and completed the process.

This screen displays the welcome screen that has details about the Master Password and what to do to get stared with bitwarden.

Existing account using your account:

You need to sync the account if you have an account set up with your address.

 This is the bitwarden login screen.  You will just need to enter your email and tab to the continue button.

Log in using your Master Password; you only need to do this the first time you log in with your account.   After that, you can click on the Enterprise Single Sign-on, which will take you to our Single Sign-on Page (Shibboleth).

This screen shows the login with the Master Password.  If you currently have a bitwarden account with your email, this is the only time you will login to this screen using your Master Password.

You can either use your Duo device to get a verification code or click on another two-step login method to have Duo pushed to your device.

This screen is for the Multifactor Authentication.  You can enter the authentication token from your Duo App or you can "Use another two-step login method" by tabbing past the "Continue" and "Cancel" buttons.

Once you are set up on Bitwarden, you can log in via SSO.  You can do this by going to the short URL   You will see a screen requesting the SSO identifier, which is just Illinois.   

This screen shows the SSO Identifier.  It should be Illinois, then you can tab over to the "Log in" Button.

You can go directly to the Bitwarden Login and enter your address.

This screen shows the bitwarden vault login.

Instead of logging in with your Master Password, you will click on the Enterprise Single Sign-on.

This screen shows the login options.  From this screen you will want to tab over to the "Enterprise single sign-on".

This takes you directly to our Shibboleth Single Sign-On page.

This is the Tri-Campus discovery page.

Follow the regular sign-in for our Single Sign On.

This is the University Login Page. You will need to use your email as your user name/login.

Complete your Duo 2Fa.

 This is the duo prompt that is displayed when you receive a push from the duo app.

Then, you will need to unlock your vault with your Master Password. 

 This is the Master Password page, you will enter your Master Password to unlock your vault.

Once you have created your account or synced your existing account, you must wait up to 30 minutes before your vaults are visible in Bitwarden.  There is a separate confirmation the system completes to give you access to the correct vaults.

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