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CrashPlan, Restoring from Backup

Step-by-step pictorial guide to verifying and restoring files/folders from a CrashPlan device backup.

Backups are only as good as their ability to be restored. So, on a regular basis, please confirm that the files/folders you have marked for backup are actually being backed up. This guide shows the 6 steps of restoring files to a Win10 Pro PC. Mac and Linux backups and restores should be similar.

You, of course, will search for your netid and devices instead of those for 'nyman'. 


Log into the CrashPlan console (select 'CrashPlan for Small Business').

Navigate to the User screen and search for your netid using the box in the upper-right corner.

CrashPlan Navigation Menu - Users

CrashPlan - User screen - search for netid


Confirm that the devices shown are, in fact, the devices you want backed up.

CrashPlan - User menu showing backup devices


Click on the desired Device Name to go to the device info screen.

CrashPlan - Select Device name for restore


Check that the device information is reasonable - size of backup, %backup, etc.

Click on the Restore icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to continue.

CrashPlan - Device info screen


On the Web Restore screen be sure that 'Device' is selected, and NOT 'Zip'.

Select the Target device by entering a few characters and letting autocomplete fill in the rest (important!)

The target location can either be the original path or a new path. Click on the path box and navigate to the desired folder.

Be sure to click 'OK'.

Chose the file/folder restore date, if desired.

CrashPlan - File restore options screen

CrashPlan - Selection of files restore path


Expand the file system tree at the bottom of the screen and select the files/folders to be restored.

When ready, just click the 'Restore' button in the lower-right of the screen.

CrashPlan - select files to restore

You will be sent back to the Device page where you will see the status of the restore in the lower-left hand corner of the screen.

Restores are very slow, so be patient.

When the 'Push' finishes, navigate to the target folder and confirm that the restored files are there and can be read.


CrashPlan - Restored files

Repeat for your other devices to confirm that backups can be successfully restored.

Become comfortable with the restore process so you'll be ready if you ever need it!

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