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I am missing updates to a meeting. What should I do with an appointment request?
Upon receiving a Meeting Request, you must make a decision about your attendance to that meeting. The default for all meeting requests is to appear as Tentative until further action is taken.

Please review the following outcomes for the acceptance options:
  • Accept: By default a notification is sent to the meeting organizer that you've accepted. And the meeting will appear on your calendar as busy. Based on your specific client (Outlook, etc), you may have other options.
  • Tentative: This is how a meeting request will appear by default upon receipt of the invitation. You should select this option if you wish to receive meeting updates and/or are unsure of your availability.
  • Decline: Selecting this option will remove the meeting from your calendar. And by default, a notice will be sent to the meeting organizer. You will not receive any further updates to that appointment, including any reschedule information unless the meeting organizer re-adds you to the invitation.
Some clients allow you to opt-out of sending a meeting request response. If you select that option, the meeting organizer will never receive a notice if you've accepted or declined the meeting, even though your calendar may reflect otherwise.

Additionally if a calendar update is auto-processed it will be moved to the Deleted Items Automatically. The most common occurrence of this is when the Meeting Comments are updated.

Currently, the messages will NOT be auto-processed:
* if the location is changed
* if the date, time, or recurrence pattern changes
* if the attendee is @mentioned in the meeting body
* if the attendee has not responded to the meeting (accepted or declined)
* if the changes occur within 15 minutes of the meeting start time All other changes to events will be auto-process on the users calendar and the message is moved silently to the deleted items folder.

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