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Teams, NCOS Codes and International Calling

This page contains Network Class of Service (NCOS) codes that describe restrictions that can be placed when dialing telephone numbers from Teams

NCOS settings are account/user specific and are requested by the Pinnacle Department Manager (PDM). 
NCOS settings apply to Enterprise Voice enabled Teams accounts only. Common-Area Phones (CAP) have NCOS settings too.
All NCOS allow dialing to 911 for emergencies. None of the NCOS settings are able to dial 900 (per-minute fee/toll) numbers.

NCOS Dialing Policies
NCOS Code Capability
NCOS 04 - Campus Community Voice Policy Able to place calls to campus, toll free and local community numbers.
NCOS 07 - US Long Distance Voice Policy Able to make calls within the United States, Canada and the Caribbean/Atlantic as well as to campus, local community and toll free numbers.
NCOS 08 - International Voice Policy Able to make calls worldwide.

Teams, Dialing international

On this page, you can learn how to make an international phone call in Teams as well as find some popular country codes.

When specifying phone numbers, use the format for international phone numbers. Type the international call prefix (011 for international calls), country code, and the local number. Phone numbers should contain only the digits 0123456789. You do not need to type parentheses or hyphens.

Some countries have an extra 0 at the beginning of their numbers that should not be included when dialing from the US.

The following table shows examples of how to convert a local phone number into the format Teams requires.

International Calling Table
Recipient's country/region International Call Prefix Country/ code Local phone number International phone number for Teams
China 011 86 (12) 3456789 01186123456789
France 011 33 01 02 03 04 05 011330102030405
United Kingdom 011 44 12345 678 910 0114412345678910
United States 1 (555) 555-0155 15555550155
Venezuela 011 58 58 (3456) 789, 10, 11 0115834567891011
Example: To dial the US embassy in London, UK you would dial 011442074999000

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