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Webstore, Error when applying new SAS license file

I get "ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access C:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.2\setinit.log." when I try to renew my SAS license.

To renew SAS, please follow the steps below.  

Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows  8, 10:

1.       Log in to the WebStore and click on Order History.  Find your SAS renewal order and click on the order number.  Download the appropriate license file.

2.       Select All Programs --> SAS -->Utilities

3.       Right-click "Renew SAS Software."

4.       Select "Run As Administrator." (Windows XP does not require you to select Run as Administrator)

5.       Follow the instructions as per the License Renewal Wizard. You will be required to browse to the location of your new SAS renewal license file that you just saved on your computer.

6.       Click RENEW.

To verify that the renewal worked follow the steps below:

To check to see when your SAS license expires, complete the following steps according to which version/release of SAS you are running.

SAS System for Windows 6.12 (Interactive Method):

Go to Start > Programs > The Sas System

In the SAS Program Editor window, enter the following statements:

   proc setinit;



 and then click the Submit icon, or press your F8 function key to run the statements.

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