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How do I request a Google Custom Search Engine for my public, University-affliliated web site?

What is Google Custom Search?

Google Custom Search lets you include a search engine on your website to help your visitors find the information they're looking for. Because Custom Search is based on Google's core search technology, you can be confident that your users are getting high quality, relevant results. You can customize a lot of your search engine, including:
  • Apply your site's look and feel to the search box and results page
  • Use search features such as refinements, autocomplete, and promotions to enhance your users' search experience
  • Understand your users' behavior by linking your search engine with Google Analytics
We are able to offer ad-free custom search engines for public, University affiliated websites to faculty and staff who manage University of Illinois web sites.

How do I request a Google Custom Search Engine?

IMPORTANT: Only custom search engines created by a Google Apps @ Illinois administrator can be promoted to an ad-free tier. Custom search engines created by any other user are placed in the ad-supported tier and cannot be transferred to the administrators.

Please submit a request to the Technology Services Help Desk with the following information:
  • Your Administrative Unit name and the name of the web site where results will be presented. This information is used to identify the search engine in the management panel.
  • The URL or one or more sites you want to include in the search results. You can add more sites later.
  • The NetIDs of one or more faculty or staff with Google Apps @ Illinois accounts who will manage the search engine parameters.
Once the request is received and fulfilled, the specified users will be notified by Google of their invitation to manage the custom search engine from the panel at

It may take up to two business days for newly created search engines to be migrated to the ad-free service tier, and ads will be displayed at first.

For information about managing and settings of Google Custom Search Engines, please see

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