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Digital Signage, Deploying to a Digital Sign

This KB describes how deployments (both content and commands) work with FourWinds Enterprise, as well as the device settings on the content player that control deployments.
While the steps for Deploying to a digital sign have not changed, the methodology for how signs receive a deployment has with the Enterprise upgrade.
Previously, when clicking to Deploy a sign(s), content and other files were directly pushed to a local share on the player. Unfortunately, this method of deployment only works with Windows devices, as well as leaves the device open to possible security issues.With the new Enterprise system we will now be able to add new, non-Windows devices. Thus, switching the deployment method to FWi Services will allow us to deploy all signs the same, no matter the platform.
With the new 'pull' deployment method, the Content Player application on the sign is configured to periodically check against the FWi Services server to determine if there are any deployment changes or commands available. These settings are found in Content Player Configuration on the player (By default, the installation sets the Polling interval to check for any deployments once an hour):
The Polling interval can be adjusted to a frequency to best suit how often changes are made to sign.
  • If content changes do not occur often, the service suggests leaving the interval at 1 hour
  • If new or changed content is loaded more frequently, the service suggests adjusting the interval to 30 or 15 minutes. Lower settings are possible, but increase the load on the server; if a sign is changed frequently throughout the day a lower setting is possible, but the service suggest it still be set in minutes.
Player commands from Content Manager are treated in a similar manner to deployments in that the player utilizes the interval setting for these actions.

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