Campus Mailing Lists, How to send attachments to a list

Can I send a file attached to an email to a list?

Yes, but the max message size is 10 MB and includes the message header, message body, and any attachments. Please note that the 10MB size is a hard limit for all lists on robots on the mailing list system.  To send a file, simply attach it to your email as you would for any other email. Keep in mind, there are some file types that are not allowed which are described in the KB article, Email, Spam Control and attachment filters.    For more information about calendar events see:  Attaching Files to email and calendar events

Note:  By default all mail lists allow attachments, however, the list owner can change this setting and configure their list to reject email with attachments.   
Options for Sharing Large Files
Option 1:  Each mail list has a "Shared Documents" space on the web server which is enabled by default.  Subscribers can upload a document to the list share space and then provide the URL in their post so others can download it.   If the "Shared Documents" link is not active then the list owner disabled this feature. 

Option 2:  Use Box ( to share a doc and provide the link in the message sent to the list. 

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