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Password Registrar, How to become or renew a NetID Password Registrar

A Password Registrar is an individual who has been authorized to use the IAM Account Support tool (ISA) to generate password reset tokens and perform other account assistance functions. The ability to generate password tokens can be limited to particular groups (e.g. for a specific department only), times of day (e.g. during weekday mornings only), or even by IP address (e.g. at a specific workstation computer only).

Requirements for Access

A Password Registrar is responsible for upholding the University's Appropriate Use Policy and respecting the privacy of users.

A Password Registrar must be especially aware that University passwords must not be shared. Compromised passwords may affect not only the individual, but also other users on campus or the Internet.

In brief, a Password Registrar must agree to the following:

  1. To generate a password reset token only by explicit request of the account holder.
  2. To generate a password reset token only after positively confirming the owner's identity, preferably by a University of Illinois photo ID.
  3. To never learn or reveal a NetID password to others.
  4. To maintain a secure machine for Password Registrar functions: physically secure against unauthorized access and electronically secure by the timely application of updates and patches.
  5. To maintain the security of their own NetID password.
  6. To never use someone else's password to gain access to accounts or services.

To request Password Registrar access

  1. Fill out the Request for Password Registrar Access form; note that the signature of a director or department head is required.
  2. Email the form to or bring a printed copy to the Technology Services Help Desk (room 1211 in the Digital Computer Laboratory, 1304 W. Springfield Ave. in Urbana).
    Note that the Password Registrar service manager may contact you for clarification of application information.
  3. Await email notification from the Help Desk regarding whether the request has been approved or denied.

To renew Password Registrar access

Access is only granted for one year at a time. Password Registrars will be warned by email when their access is due to expire, and they can request that it be renewed:

  • If no changes to your current access are needed (e.g. access times, IP addresses), send an email from your University account to stating that you wish to renew your Password Registrar access and that no changes are needed.
  • If changes are required, please submit a new Request for Password Registrar Access form.

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