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NetID Center, Customer steps after receiving password token

These are the steps to reset your password after receiving a password reset token from the Technology Services Help Desk. If you need to recover your University account this way, please contact the Help Desk by sending an email to or by calling 217-244-7000. Once you change your password, you will need to also update saved sign-in information on any devices and websites that might be remembering it.

1. Receive a reset token from the Help Desk

Help Desk consultants can use either an email address or a phone number to get you back into your account. Usually they will use contact information already listed on your account to do this.



When an email address is used for a reset, you'll get an automated message from with a few brief instructions and a link:

password reset requested email screenshot

Click that link, and proceed to step 2.

SMS (text message to phone)

When a phone number is used for a reset, you'll get a text message with an 8-digit code (pictured) and a link:

reset token SMS message

Click the link, or copy it into a web browser on your computer, and proceed to step 2.

2. Enter the token to reach the NetID Center

When you click the link in the email or SMS, you'll be taken to the NetID Center website. This site can also be reached directly at

You may be asked to enter your NetID and a login token (the 8-digit code sent to you in step 1):

Password reset with Help Desk token screen, showing inputs for netID and login token

If you have 2-factor authentication (DUO) set up on your account, you'll be asked to authenticate:

Duo Prompt

3. Review your recovery settings

Once you're in, you'll reach a screen asking you to review recovery settings. This is to confirm that the University has the correct phone number and email address on file for you, which will make this process easier if you ever need to recover your account again.

review your recovery options

4. Set a new password

After updating or confirming your recovery options, you'll be taken to a screen where you can set a new password on your account:

New password change screen showing 12 char requirement

After clicking the Set Password button, you'll be taken to a screen telling you that you've successfully changed your password and when it will expire. There will also be a link to return to the NetID Center, where you can update the DUO 2FA settings and recovery options used in this process.

5. You're done!

your new password is valid

If you reach the message that you've successfully changed your password, you're done! The new password should propagate out to all University websites and services in the next few minutes. You'll likely be signed out of most University things automatically, and you'll use the password you just set to get back into them.

This includes the IllinoisNet wifi - if you have trouble logging in or find your account getting locked out frequently after changing your password, have all of your devices 'forget' the campus internet and then rejoin it with the new password.

If you have any problems using your new password, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk by email at or by phone at 217-244-2700.

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