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Digital Signage, Troubleshooting

This document contains some of the issues that may be faced after upgrading to the Enterprise version of Content Player and Content Manager Desktop.

Content Player

A Digital Sign is Not Displaying Newly Deployed Content

Problem:  Changes have been made in Content Manager and deployed, however they are not appearing on a sign. Opening the configuration window shows an error when pressing Check for Update or Refresh.
Cause: Signs running Content Player versions 5.12 and below no longer connect to the deployment server due to security changes FourWinds implemented in version 5.13. The service upgraded to version 5.16.2 in July 2022.
Resolution: Upgrade Content Player for Windows to 5.16.2.

Content Player does not Launch, Displays a Communications Issue

Problem: After installing Content Player, launching the application leads to a splash screen where Content Player gets stuck at Initializing service communications and does not load.

Cause: The Content Player service is stopped.
Resolution: Please see the following KB article:

Content Player does not Cloud Activate

Problem: After installing Content Player, the player fails to activate the license in Poppulo Harmony device manager and remains in Legacy status
Issue: A bug existed in Content Player 5.11.1 that sends an empty string instead of the hardware address for some hardware configurations
Resolution: Install Content Player 5.16.2, or follow KB article:


The Deployment Settings do not Appear in Content Player Configuration

Problem: When looking at the Channels tab in Content Player Configuration, the 'Retrieve deployment from a server' box is not checked and no information appears under Connection Properties (as documented in
Issue: The settings failed to get populated during player installation or have been removed.
Resolution: Unfortunately we cannot share the password to be entered by unit support staff. There are two options units can pursue to fix the settings issue:
1. Uninstall Content Player from the sign and then reinstall.
2. Contact us at and we will coordinate with you getting the password entered.


After Deploying to a Sign or Sending Commands, the Changes do not Immediately Appear

Problem: After clicking Deploy on a sign(s), the sign is not displaying the new or changed content. Also when sending a player command such as a restart, the player does not immediately receive the command.
Issue: The method used for deploying signs has changed. Rather than directly receiving deployment files via "push", signs now look for deployment changes on a set interval, or "pull".
Resolution: Please see the following KB article:


Illini Alerts are not Appearing on the Digital Sign

Problem: The digital sign did not display the most recent Illini Alert .
Issue: There are multiple issues that could cause Illini Alert to fail to display on a digital sign:
1. The emergency channel in Content Manager for Illini Alerts was previously configured using the old file share path, which has since been retired.
2. Each player has to be individually configured to receive emergency messaging.
3. The emergency channel subscription is failing to properly poll for a channel activation.
Resolution: The following actions should resolve the associated numbers listed under items:
1. Open Content Manager and Deploy the sign
2. Please see the following KB article:
3. Restart the computer

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