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NetID Expiration Process for Each Campus

Each campus at the University of Illinois has unique policies on how and when NetIDs expire for former students and staff. Links to details on these policies are provided here.
  • Undergraduate students have one year after they leave the University until their affiliation expires, at that time they will no longer have access.
  • Graduates, Faculty and Staff have 30 days from date of termination (in banner) before their affiliation expires.
  • Retirees retain access to their NetID.
Technology Services KB Article
  • Student access is removed three semesters after the last semester enrolled.
  • Employee access is removed once termination is reflected in Banner.
  • Retirees retain access to their NetID.
ITS Client Services
User Account Lifecycle for NetIDs
  • Student access is retained for one full term after class registration ends.
  • Faculty and Staff access is removed 90 days after termination date.