Shibboleth, New Login Screens Beginning January 2022

Posted: 09:53:28, Friday, Dec 3, 2021   Expiration: 09:53:28, Monday, Jan 31, 2022  

Outlook Web Application, OWA, Office 365, Shibboleth

In order to provide a more consistent sign-on experience for university applications and systems, there will be a new look to the login screens starting January 2022. The sign-in process will remain the same. You will be asked to authenticate with your NetID and password, and Duo enrolled users will receive a Duo challenge.    

New login/password look starting January 2022.

New login/password for Office 365 starting January 2022

 You will be asked for your password on the next screen.

New Duo look starting January 2022.

New MFA page showing custom duo i-frame

-- University of Illinois Technology Services: Ryan Sharpe

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