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ProctorU Record+, Setting up Exams

This document provides information on configuration settings to use ProctorU in your course space.

 ProctorU Account and Browser Extension

  • Resources for Students: Tell the students that the exam uses ProctorU Record+ so that they can prepare in advance. ProctorU also offers sample language for your syllabus.
  • If you do not already have one, you must create a ProctorU account using your Illinois email address or contact CITL to create one. You will also set a password for your ProctorU account.
  • Accept the Instructor Guidelines. Check the box at the bottom of this form and submit it. 
  • Get the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox and be sure your browser is up to date. View full instructions at ProctorU.
  • Ensure that the extension is on and that you are signed into ProctorU. Video tutorial.
    • For Moodle and Canvas, you can press on the ProctorU browser extension icon at the top of your browser window (assuming you have it enabled and pinned). To view all your extensions or to pin the extension, press the puzzle-piece icon in Chrome.


Figure 1: Chrome browser extension                                   Figure 2: Firefox browser extension

    • (Optional) Provide the ProctorU tool link in your course site. Please note this can mislead students into thinking they need to sign up for the exam in ProctorU’s website – they do not. It simply provides a link where they can create or sign into their ProctorU account to take the exam 
      • In Canvas, by default there is a ProctorU link in the left-hand course navigation menu. Press that link to sign into ProctorU. If you don’t see it, to enable it for you and students, press the Settings button in the course navigation menu. Press the Navigation tab at the top of that page. Scroll down to the ProctorU link and press the options button to the right of it. Choose Enable and save.
      • In Moodle, you can add an external tool item for ProctorU to make a ProctorU link/icon appear in your course site. Pressing this icon/link will sign you into ProctorU. Press the Turn Editing On button in the upper right corner. Then press Add an Activity or Resource in the area you want to create the link. Then choose the External Tool option from the next window, name the item ProctorU (or whatever you would like) and choose ProctorU from the “preconfigured tool” menu. Save the item. It appears as shown below.


Figure 3: Canvas link                       Figure 4: Moodle link


Exam Settings in Canvas and Moodle

  • Follow the instructions below or watch a video tutorial for Canvas or Moodle.
  • In your Moodle or Canvas course, navigate to the exam and edit it.
    • In Canvas, open the quiz item and press the Edit button.
    • In Moodle, press the Turn on Editing button in the top right corner of the browser page. Then to the right of the quiz item, use the pull-down menu to choose Edit Settings.
  • In both Canvas and Moodle set the date availability and duration of the exam.

  • DRES Accommodations: If any students need extended test-taking time, you can accommodate them using overrides in Moodle and the “Moderate Quiz” tool in Canvas. You must also add the student names into ProctorU’s system using this web form for accommodations at least 24 hours in advance. Submit the form for every student who needs it for extended time or any accommodation, such as a screen-reader or special equipment. 

  • On the settings page, scroll down below the description field and toggle on the ProctorU switch. Press the right side of that button to do that.
  • A new switch to enable an auto-generated password will appear. We recommend using it to create a very secure password, but you can leave this disabled and provide your own password/passcode lower on the page as usual.
  • This will display a full menu of setting and notification options.
    • In Canvas, you will need to scroll up to the top of the page and look for the two ProctorU tabs – one for settings and one for notifications.

    • In Moodle, these will just appear lower down on the same page.

  • Select the boxes for your preferred choices among the settings and notifications.
    • The first section addresses how restrictive the settings are for the following topics. Use the pull-down menu to choose what you would like to allow. Choosing these options do not prevent students from doing things, it just causes flags and incident reports if they don’t follow your guidelines.
      • Browser tabs
      • Allow copy text and image
      • Window sized allowed
      • Application lost focus
    • In the second section, you select which resources students are permitted to use.

  • Set the notification options to send notifications when sessions start, if you want this on.

· Moodle Only – In the section called “Extra Restrictions on Attempts” be sure that the Browser Security to None. If it is set to the other option, students cannot access the exam.

"Extra restrictions on attempts" pop up window

  • Student sessions will be recorded and saved into the ProctorU system. They should take the exam alone in a private location and be an administrator on the computer they use, or they need to have the administrator install Guardian browser and grant it access to the computer desktop, microphone and camera. 
  • Student sessions will be recorded and saved into the ProctorU system.
  • Proctors review all recordings, create flags in a timeline of it and generate any reports which are emailed to you within a couple days to alert you to incidents you may want to review. According to ProctorU, about 16% of exams have accompanying incident reports.

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