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141Canvas@Illinois , Cannot open a file1127352023-08-167228
142Canvas@Illinois , Create and Use Self-Enroll URL in Your Course1127872023-08-164894
143Canvas@Illinois , Adding sections to a course1128762023-08-162297
144Canvas@Illinois , Course Navigation Menu1130942023-08-162031
145Canvas@Illinois , Benefits of Turnitin1134682023-08-162318
146Canvas@Illinois , About Turnitin1128492023-08-165799
147Canvas@Illinois , Colored Icons in Speedgrader1147842023-08-161766
148Canvas@Illinois , Accessible Keyboard Shortcuts1150042023-08-162927
149Canvas@Illinois , Group Naming Convention Best Practices1172582023-08-162261
150Canvas@Illinois , General Accessibility Design Guidelines1142772023-08-161986
151Canvas@Illinois , A dropped class or an old class from a previous semester still in course list473572023-08-1615983
152Canvas@Illinois , Copying from a Development Space into a Registrar-affiliated Space1189092023-08-161395
153Canvas@Illinois , File Uploads via File Tree or Editor1194672023-08-161092
154Canvas@Illinois , File Download Workarounds1145092023-08-162559
155Canvas@Illinois , DocViewer Issues and Workaround1199482023-08-162149
156Canvas@Illinois , IDOT ICT Course Space1189012023-08-161208
157Canvas@Illinois , Default Notification Settings1208052023-08-161309
158Canvas@Illinois , Attendance Tool1208822023-08-161279
159Canvas@Illinois , Adding a student, TA, Instructor1122612023-08-163071
160Canvas@Illinois , Creating Badges with Credentials (Badgr)1209262023-08-161448
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