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Canvas@Illinois , iClicker Instructions for Students

Students in an iClicker Cloud course (whether they use the mobile app or the clicker remote) or who use the mobile app in iClicker Classic courses must follow these steps or see below for more detail.
  • Create a student account using your address at or in the iClicker Student app. For more details, you can view this video.
  • Search for the iClicker course or by instructor name and then enroll in it.
  • If you use a remote, you must register its ID# in your account profile.
  • If your course is in Moodle, sign into Moodle and press the iClicker tool to link your accounts.
  • If you use the app, sign into the course session at the start of class before answering polls.
  • Respond to questions during class, using either the clicker or the student app. 
  • View scores immediately after class in the app or by signing into your iClicker account.
  • View scores in Canvas or Moodle once your instructor syncs their gradebook.

Create an iClicker account

  • Go to and press the Sign in button. Choose Student and create a new account or sign in if you already have one. Be sure to use your email address or you will not be able to receive your iClicker points in class. Please contact iClicker Support if you make a mistake. Be sure to get the iClicker Student app (as there is also a Cloud app for instructors).

  • This may start a trial version of the app. You may be notified that, when it expires, you would need to pay for the app; however, you will not be billed automatically. If you only use the iClicker remote, there is no fee. You only need to pay for a subscription if you will use the app. 

Sign up for an iClicker Course

  • Sign up for the course at or through the mobile student app. It is best to do this before your initial class session that uses iClicker.
  • Press the + sign to add a course.

  • Press University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign or type it if needed.

  • In the next window, type the name of the course or instructor exactly. Press the course to sign up. Note: You do not need to type the full name or title to search for the course. In the example below, typing “CITL” automatically finds any course with “CITL” as part of the name.

Register Your iClicker Remote

  • Do this step only if you are using a physical remote.
  • Press the menu button to go to the main menu of your account.

  •  Press the Profile button.


  • Press Register Remotes Then enter the ID # off of your remote and press Save Profile.

Courses in Moodle

If your class is in Moodle and the instructor uses iClicker Cloud, sign into your course, and locate the iClicker Student App tool. Press that link. This should open your iClicker account, but you may be prompted to sign into it. Your accounts are now linked. This is required for you to show up in the Cloud course for the instructor and to receive points.


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