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1Canvas@Illinois , How to request a new space or check status of a request473652024-03-2611509
2Canvas@Illinois , Roster Uploads, Course Available650752024-01-2310252
3Canvas@Illinois , Most common questions at the start of the semester890272023-08-226311
4Canvas@Illinois, Getting Started with DesignPLUS1294782024-03-06782
5Canvas@Illinois , Request a Space for a Registrar-Affiliated Course (Detailed)477462023-08-22176450
6Canvas@Illinois , Enrollment Status and Management for Instructors1134022024-04-232780
7Canvas@Illinois , Finalize Grades1181412024-04-182238
8Canvas@Illinois, General LTI Integrations878672024-04-1611173
9Canvas@Illinois , Turnitin Quick Submit1214742024-04-111297
10Canvas@Illinois, Enable the New DesignPLUS Sidebar1356802024-04-11299
11Canvas@Illinois, Accessibility Checker Tables1367182024-04-1164
12Canvas@Illinois, Canvas Newsletter1366112024-04-11176
13Canvas@Illinois, Automatically Launch the DesignPLUS Sidebar1212112024-04-081763
14Canvas@Illinois, Error when attaching file for assignment: "Submit Failed, please try again"1365942024-04-05122
15Canvas@Illinois, Student Card View1241972024-03-26684
16Canvas@Illinois, Folio1362922024-03-26118
17Canvas@Illinois, Behavior With Term, Course and Section Dates1173442024-03-131927
18Canvas@Illinois, Announcement Best Practices & Formatting Recommendations1191862024-03-121838
19Canvas@Illinois, Discussion Redesign1355262024-03-07147
20Canvas@Illinois, What is DesignPLUS?1210362024-03-061901
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