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Windows and Mac OS X Supported Operating System Versions

This article outlines the Windows and Mac OS X supported versions.

Vet Med follows the university information and security policy and standards.  This states that organizations must:

  1. Replace client software and components when security patches and support are no longer available from the developer, vendor, or manufacturer.
  2. Replace client hardware and firmware when security vulnerabilities exist that cannot be resolved or mitigated by the developer, vendor, or manufacturer.

More detail can be found here: IT 10.5 Current, vendor-supported software and firmware

Most Windows and Mac OS X computers within Vet Med are on a managed platform that provide virus protection and the ability to install managed software. However, some aged PCs were grandfathered in before uniformity was established.  

IT@VetMed is working to ensure that all PCs are enrolled in a managed platform going forward. This is for three primary reasons:

  1. So that the number of horizontal security incidents is reduced, to protect important research and College activities from harm, and so that IT@Vet Med can continue to support roughly 1000 computers cost effectively.  
  2. IT management software like Munki or MECM (formerly SCCM) allows us to efficiently deploy antivirus software, quickly diagnosis who is impacted by new problems that arise with a given Operating System or software being used in the College, and when needed, deploy software updates to those machines efficiently.  
  3. Use of such tools is a widely accepted best practice and exceptions should be considered carefully to manage risk and long term costs to the organization.

Managed platform enrollment exceptions

Any exceptions to the enrollment of PCs into a managed platform must be acknowledged as an exception from standard College computer management best practices by the department head and/or supervisor of the requester.  Exceptions must be in the best interest of the College and be in writing to the IT department head. 

If an exception is granted, it should be understood that revisiting the exception will be done periodically.

Currently Supported Windows OS Versions

  • Currently Microsoft provides security patches for Windows 10 and above. 
    • PCs with Windows 7 and below are not allowed on the network.

Currently Supported Apple Mac OS X Versions

Apple currently provides security patches for Catalina 10.15 and above, and newer releases Big Sur 11.6 and Monterrey 12.0.
    • Macs with High Sierra 10.13 and below are no longer allowed on the network.
    • In keeping with Apple's release cycle, macOS 10.14 Mojave stopped receiving updates July 2021 and will need to be upgraded. (see macOS version info table below.)

Connecting Wireless via VPN

Documentation, including what OS is supported is available at the webstore:  Cisco VPN

macOS Version Table

Mac OS chart

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