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Vetstar - Remove Record Locks

Record locks or frozen screens can happen if two users or sessions try to update the same record. A lock message will appear in the lower left corner of the screen and the activity indicator lightning bolt in the lower right corner will be red.

Escape Out of Multiple Sessions

Try these steps first:

  1. Log off of all open Vetstar sessions on any/all PCs you were using and ensure nobody around you is accessing the same record.  Escaping out of one of the session will free up the record lock and you can resume normal activity within Vetstar.
  2. On the PC with the lock, close of all applications on your PC and perform a normal shutdown/reboot.
  3. Open another Vetstar session, go to the Home screen and type freelock and press enter. 

End Open Sessions

Another way to try to eliminate locks is to "end open sessions" within the OLD Vetstar and VADDS login icon.

1. Log off of all open Vetstar sessions.
2. Select the Vetstar and VADDS icon from your desktop:


3. When prompted, enter your NetID and Vetstar password (this would be the password setup when you originally went through Vetstar training.) and press Enter.

4. The login options will appear as shown below.  Type "e" to end open Vetstar or VADDS session. (It will "kill" open sessions or tell you there is "no process to kill"). Once complete you can log back into Vetstar.


Still need help?

Send an email to HIS support at and include the following:

  1. Client and patient name on which the lock appears.
  2. The screen name at the top and screen ID in the lower right corner of the screen. For example, the Charge screen ID is PM_IP_4.  

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