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Vetstar - Navigation Tips and Tricks

Overview of the Home screen and basic commands and Function key usage.

Video Training Link: Navigating Vetstar and Getting Help

Screen Mode / Action

  • When adding, changing or deleting input in Vetstar, you must be in the correct Screen Mode. The current mode is displayed at the bottom right of the screen. 

Navigation with Vetstar

  • Use the keyboard function keys or the icons at the top of the Vetstar screen to change modes (see below).
  • Help messages are displayed at the bottom left of the screen. If you do not know what to enter into a field, refer to these tips.
  • Use the Enter key to commit to entering data and move to the next field. The TAB key will move the cursor to the next required field.
  • Use the Page Up, Page Down, to move quickly through a search results or summary screen. 
  • Use the up and down arrows, then the RIGHT ARROW key to select a line from a search Window (see F4 below).
  • Vetstar is case sensitive When entering codes, be sure they are in the proper case.

Function Keys and Home Screen Navigation Icons  

  • You have the option of using the keyboard (function key) or mouse (icon):
 Function Key Icon Mode or Action
 Escape Mode
  • Leave a screen after looking up information ('escape out'). 
F3  F3Icon.jpgSave Mode 
  • Leave a function after you entered or changed data.
  • Note: often you will have to press Esc or F3 more than once to get out of a function.
  • IMPORTANT: Save often, especially when working on long reports or comment additions.
  Aicon.jpg Use the A icons to resize your screen
F4 F4Icon.jpg
 Search for codes when available (you will see '<Window> to Search' in the help message at the bottom left of the screen if a search Window is available). Select from the search results by using the up and   down arrows to select the line, then press the RIGHT ARROW key (or click on your choice with the mouse).
F5 F5Icon.jpg
 Add mode.
  • Use Add mode to add a procedure in the Charge screen, or a line of text to a comment. Use Ctrl+F5 to insert a line above the current line.
F6 F6Icon.jpg
 Change mode. 
  • Use Change mode to change the info in a field such as "perform date" of a procedure. 
F7 F7Icon.jpg
 Delete Mode.
  • Once in Delete mode, use the up and down arrows to select more lines if desired (you will see the number of delete lines selected at the bottom left of the screen). 
  • Press F3 to commit the deletion(s). 
  • You will be  prompted to enter a short reason for each procedure line deleted.
F9 F9ExpandIcon.jpg
 If the help message at the bottom of the screen indicates that expand mode is available ('<Expand> for more detail>'), this option will display more information on the screen.
F10 F10.jpg
 Edit mode (toggle the insert button F10.jpg to change between overwrite and insert modes).
  xxx:Live Displayed towards the top right of the screen is your Operator ID.  This ID will be noted in various places in history based on your activity.
 Your Name
 Your name will be displayed in the lower left corner of the Home screen.  Important: You should not give your login information to someone else as the activity is logged under your login.
  Command The Command line, in the lower left corner of the Home screen, is used frequently to navigate to various screens using quick commands. CommandSearches.jpg
  Searches The Searches line, in the lower left corner of the Home screen can be used to search for a Client or Patient in many ways. CommandSearches.jpg
  Search3Dots.jpg Search - Anytime you see the box with 3 dots it means you can select the box and search.
  Status Bar Located at the very bottom of the screen at all times.

  1.  The status bar provides quick tips in the bottom left
  2.  The current mode (Add, Change, Delete, Lookup) in the lower right.
  3.  The last entry is the screen name that is currently being displayed.

  LighningBolt.jpg The "lightning bolt" represents activity.  Red means that it is processing. (see image above)

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