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Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Remove an Appointment

The following instructions explain how to remove a certain appointment code from a schedule for an entire day. In our example we will be removing N - New Appointment from the Ophtho (0696 Service).

Current Schedule Screen Shot

The N (New Appointment) appointment needs to be removed.  Notice two of the N slots called out below.


Removing N (New Appointment) from the schedule 

Below is a screen shot, followed by instructions, on what selections to make.


  1. Type AM on the command line
  2. Select #1 Maintenance            
  3. Select #21 Edit Calendar 
  4. Select Remove
  5. Start Date:  072720 (Enter the Date you want to remove)
  6. End Date:  07/27/20 (Enter the End date. This can be a range of dates vs. a single day)
  7. Clinic: SAC (F4 to open an window and search)
  8. Section: It is Very important to include the section: Enter the department 0696 for our example
  9. Service: This is where you can enter the appointment you wan to delete.  In our example, N for New Appointment and U for Urgent exam will be removed.
  10. Replace With: Leave this empty to remove 
  11. Set Appointment off/on: Leave Blank
  12. Post Reason:  (you can do a whole day if you choose DATE here)
  13. At OK? (Y,<Cancel>): type Y
  14. All N appointments will now be gone.

Schedule with N (New Appointment) Removed Screen Shot

Below is a screen shot with all N appointments gone.  Notice the same two time slots called out earlier are now gone. 


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