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Teaching Horses Reservation

These are instructions for a Vet Med Teaching Horse. The College has a herd at the Vet Med Research Farm (VMRF) and at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH). VMRF horses should be used for research protocols, and VTH horses primarily for for teaching. When a teaching horse is used for an invasive procedure it will not be available again for that procedure for some period, but may be available for other procedures. Teaching horses may requested by faculty, staff and sometimes student organizations. After a request is submitted you will receive notice via email if approved or denied. Some request types require more advance notice, as will be indicated when attempting to make the reservation. Horses may be reserved for multiple days.

Bookings are no longer managed through the Vet Med EMS system.  Please use the instructions below instead.

The UIUC College of Vet Med maintains a herd of cattle and sheep at the Vet Med Research Farm (VMRF) and a herd of horses at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) for teaching purposes. Requests for teaching animals can be made directly with the teaching herd manager. Please email Molly Sermersheim at Please give at least a 3 business day notice for reservations. After your request is submitted to the teaching herd manager, you will receive an email confirming the reservation and assigning animals. Teaching animals may be requested by faculty, staff, and student organizations. All animals MUST be reserved PRIOR to use. Animals may be reserved for multiple days.

All use of teaching animals must be tracked.  Users are required to track any class/lab use and any administered sedation/medication on the animal’s daily sheet. Daily sheets will be on the clipboard of stalled animals. Daily sheets for horses that reside in the north pasture are on the white board in Ward 3. Daily sheets for livestock are in farms rounds room.

VTH horses are to be used for teaching only and are not available for research. Horses residing at VMRF are used for research protocols and are not available for teaching.

Horses at VMRF are not reservable at this time (as of 10/26/2022).

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