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SANDI Adjustments - Resources for doing an adjustment in SANDI

Below are instructions for credit adjustments by procedure code charge and how to use the Charges Report or Pricing to see all line item charges, such as discount, taxes, etc.

Additional information on Client Charges Report and Procedure Price Calculation

Use the charges report to see procedure line items that include, taxes, discounts, etc.  This is very useful for determining credit amount. 

Procedure Price Calculation allows the input of a procedure code to see taxes, discounts, etc. for that code.  (Note: non-client lookup will not include discounts.).

Credit Adjustment by Procedure

Bring up the proper client/patient in SANDI

1. Select Client

2. Select Payment/Adjustment


3. Select the proper clinic and Adjustment type

Note: The client balance is $454.33


4. Select the check box next to the charge you want to remove.

5. Submit to complete the credit or Submit & View Charges. (the later will bring up an invoice view)

Note: The charge being credited is $25.50


6. You can print, take payment or close out from here.

Note: The new balance is $428.83


7. You can see what was done on the SANDI - Charges Report (Client, Charges Report. Select the link for more information on the Client Charges Report.)

Note: If there had been taxes or discounts they would have shown here as well.


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