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Mazevo - Confocal Microscope Reservation

These are instructions for requesting the Confocal Microscope Room. Please note only individuals who have fully completed Confocal training with the Vet Med department should use this reservation tool. After a request is submitted you will receive notice via email if approved or denied.


Bookings are managed through the Vet Med Mazevo system.  You can log into the application with your University email and University password (Shibboleth single sign-on). Only users that have completed their Confocal training will have access to request the Confocal resource in Mazevo.  If you have already completed your Confocal training, but do not have access to Confocal resource when following the directions below, contact for assistance.

Once your account is activated you can use and bookmark the general login.  The Confocal Microscope Room booking request system can be accessed here:
See When Confocal Will be Available
  1. From the home screen click on Event Book.
  2. If you have been granted Confocal access, it will show as one of the rooms in the Event Book (Figure 2)
  3. Booked reservations show as a green bar.  All other times without the bar are available.

Reserving the Confocal

  1. Login in with your email address.  This will redirect you to the University Shibboleth login page (email, password, 2FA).
  2. If prompted to select an Organization, select University of Illinois, Veterinary Medicine.
  3. Select Add New Request (Figure 3)
  4. For Event Name, please enter your email (Figure 4)
  5. For Event Type, select Confocal Microscope Reservation. (Figure 4)
  6. Select your Organization, Number of People and hit Next (Figure 4)
  7. Select your start and end time (Figure 5).  You can have it repeat on different frequency under the Repeat option (Figure 6).  You can select multiple dates on the calendar so long as they are all for the same time.
  8. Click Next
  9. Select Basic Science Building and Find Rooms (Figure 7)
    1. By default, the form will show Available Rooms.  If Confocal Microscope is not listed, click Unavailable Rooms (Figure 8).  You can then Click on the Reason next to Confocal Microscope to see why it is not available (Figure 9)
  10. Check the box for Confocal Microscrope.  Note:  If Confocal Microscope does not show up, it is not available during the selected time.
  11. Click Next
  12. Enter Department, Principal Investigator and FOP
  13. Your reservation is complete.
  14. You can add it to your calendar by clicking on the event row, clicking Add to Calendar, then opening the automatically downloaded .ics file.
Tips and Other Help
  1. From the home screen you can see all your bookings under My Events.
  2. For technical problems with the reservation system contact  
  3. More information on the Confocal program and departmental contact info can be found on the Vet Med Research Resources website under Confocal Microscope:
Figure 1 is no longer applicable.
Figure 2:  Event Book
Figure 3:  Home Screen
Figure 4:  Event Information
Figure 5:  When Screen 
Figure 6:  Repeat Reservations (Recurrences)
Figure 7:  Unavailable
Figure 8:  Unavailable Reason
Figure 9:  Where

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