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Working from Home

Information on working from home and other remote locations. Preparation, testing, featured how to documents, and searching for more answers.

Preparing to Work Remotely Checklist

Setup your work computer to allow connection to it remotely: Remote to your work computer from home

Test Ahead of Time

  1. Log into Zoom at least one time to ensure your account is setup and fully installed on your computer.
  2. Log into Skype at least one time to ensure program is setup and you know how.
  3. Know the network drives you use for file storage (\\fido\YourFolderNameHere\):  Discover my Network Drives 
  4. If your university laptop has been off for awhile, power it up while at work.  If powered on, restart to apply updates, get security patches, and current virus protections. 

University Laptop Setup

Take your laptop home ahead of time and test the following:
  1. Connect to home WiFi
  2. Log-in / launch commonly used apps
  3. Launch the VPN if needed to use your common apps and connect to share drives (files)
  4. Make a phone call with Skype, test your mic and sound
  5. Launch a Zoom meeting

Non-university Computer Setup

  1. Open your email in a browser with Outlook Web App
  2. Setup and run a Vet Med RemoteApp that you have access to
  3. Remote into your work computer

Call Tests

  1. Test call forwarding from work if applicable.
  2. Test the Skype App on your mobile device if using.

Items to bring home

  • Laptop
  • Laptop power cable
  • 2FA token


Working from Home How Tos

Remote into your work computer (Windows only):  Remote to your work computer from home

Access email and calendar from anywhere (OWA): Access Email and Calendar  

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

How to setup a VPN: VPN Client Download and Setup

Remote Application Setup


Files and Storage

Note:  Network drives can also be accessed by a non-university computer if a VPN is running on that computer.

2FA Token

I left my 2FA Token at work, what are my options? 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Guide  


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