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Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Adding a new Service as a Doctor

Some services like to setup their appointment services as the names of new Residents or Clinicians. These instructions guide you through that setup.

  1. Type AM on the command line
  2. Select #1 Maintenance                                         
  3. Select #5 Service
  4. Service Key:  F5 to ADD a new and hit enter
  5. Service Code:  Enter a descriptive Code here (Dr initials/Abbreviation for new code)
  6. Description:  Enter the description for the new code here (Dr name/Name of new code)
  7. Abbreviation:  Enter the letter that will designate this service type (Example: O = overbook or drop off)
  8. Skip Grid Abbreviation: and Automatic Work List:                      
  9. Appointment Section: IF IT IS A SPECIFIC SECTION you can enter that here, if it is a new code for ALL sections, leave this blank
  10. Doctor:  Enter the Dr code if you would like their code to show up on the schedule for these appointment time slots
  11. Skip the rest and Y to save out


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