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41Canvas@Illinois , Reset Course Content1207822024-02-271211
42Canvas@Illinois, Logging into Turnitin.com1340112024-02-23548
43Online Learning, Campus Learning Management Systems575852024-02-2222604
44Canvas@Illinois, Requesting Guest (sponsored affiliate) Learning Accounts1161612024-02-152450
45Canvas@Illinois, Display Problems1304922024-01-31553
46Canvas Catalog, Instructor/Staff Frequently Asked Questions1242712024-01-292163
47Canvas@Illinois , McGraw, Cengage, Wiley, Pearson, MacMillan online materials566162024-01-297237
48Canvas@Illinois, Turnitin's AI-detection Feature1304372024-01-23934
49Canvas@Illinois, Commons Resource Link Not Working1149232024-01-172286
50Canvas@Illinois Canvas, Graduate Academy788632024-01-1122187
51Canvas Catalog, Learner Frequently Asked Questions1242592024-01-031350
52Canvas@Illinois, Turnitin Text-only Report1214842024-01-031301
53Canvas@Illinois, Alternative Access Plans for LTI Integrations1211222024-01-031478
54Canvas@Illinois, Download Test or Quiz Results from the Gradebook1179052024-01-034962
55Canvas@Illinois, Suppressing Profile Picture for Students1174772024-01-032690
56Canvas@Illinois, How to Migrate a Quiz to New Quizzes1148612024-01-031775
57Canvas@Illinois, Screen Reader and Browser Guide1148232024-01-031698
58Canvas@Illinois, Colored Icons in Turnitin Originality Report1147832024-01-0310395
59Canvas@Illinois, Creating Accessible Quizzes1147482024-01-033057
60Canvas@Illinois, Check to see View in Various Mobile Devices Through Chrome1145542024-01-031801
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