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cPanel - New Jupiter dashboard interface

cPanel's latest release involves a different look and feel for the dashboard. While we had hoped to delay the updated release until after the end of the school year, we've needed to update to address some system instability issues. Most features are the same, with a slightly different organization in some cases.

The latest release of cPanel (version 110) introduces a new administrative interface in its dashboard. While we had originally intended to delay this release until the summer, system instability with the previous version (106) means that we need to perform this update sooner than anticipated.

Here is a comparison of some of the differences you will see between the older version (106, using an interface called Paper Lantern) and the new version (110, using an interface called Jupiter).

Comparison of changes between versions
Feature Old version New version
Theme name Paper Lantern Jupiter
Name of the dashboard page Control Panel Tools
Visual comparison Paper Lantern interface Jupiter interface
How to return to this page Select the nine square grid under the I mark (when the I mark is present)

If you see the large I mark but only one item beneath it, select the word Tools in the dark blue left column.

If you see a listing of toggles below the I mark, including Blogs, Portals/CMS, Forums, etc, select the icon that looks like the letters "cP" in the top menu bar.

The cP icon is between the Perl link and an installed CMS (in this case, WordPress)

Other changes
  • The listing of installed applications controlled by Softaculous (including WordPress, Drupal, and others) will be positioned one section lower than before.

    Keep scrolling down the page and you'll find the familiar listing, still under the "Softaculous Apps Installer" heading. It will be below rather than above the section with the "Commonly Used Features" heading.
  • Domain and subdomain features have been consolidated into a section called "Domains"

  • The single page "Site Publisher" tool will not be available. However, you can still publish HTML pages by uploading them to the public_html folder using File Manager or your preferred upload method.

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