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cPanel, Creating a new account

How to create a new account for the cPanel web hosting service available at

To create a new account on, you must be a member of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with an email address.

Partners from other institutions can share in your account once it's been created; however, the account owner must be a part of the Urbana campus.

  1. In a browser other than Safari, go to .

  2. Click the Campus Login button.

  3. If prompted, choose your email and log in.
    The sign-in sequence

    First, you'll be prompted for a Microsoft login.

    Microsoft login window

    Then you'll see the Illinois identity window.

    Illinois Identity window

    Finally, you'll be given the choice of whether to stay logged in for longer periods of time.

    Microsoft Stay Signed In prompt

  4. Choose the domain you'd like to use.
    1.  For personal sites, your own NetID is a good choice that's easy for you to remember. You'll receive a domain in the form of
    2. For group or departmental sites, you'll probably want to use non-NetID options in a form like
    3. Some additional rules may apply. Click the blue ? icon for additional information.
      Requesting your NetID as your domain

      In this screen shot, you're requesting your NetID as your domain prefix ( You've turned on the help prompts by clicking ?.

      Domain prefix yournetid, no support code

  5. (Optional) If your department uses a special identity and you want to associate this account with the department, use your department's support code.
    Requesting "your domain" in "your department"

    In this screen shot, you're requesting yourdomain as a member of yourdepartment and have turned on the help prompts by clicking ?.

    Domain prefix yourdomain, optional support code yourdepartmentcode

6. Don't close your browser window yet. Wait for the blue status bar to change from "Creating account" to "Access Added. LOG IN to your accounts." (Click the words LOG IN.)

  Show the window when your account is created and your login is available.

Account creation window when your account is ready to log in

7. You may receive a notice saying your session cookie is invalid. Don't worry; simply click the Campus Login button again.

 Show the session cookie error

Session cookie error message with campus login button

8. You'll be taken to a landing page where you can choose which of your accounts you'd like to log in to.

 Show the landing page

Landing page with several cPanel account icons to choose from

9. Click on the image for the account you'd like to work with. (The real examples will have the account names visible; they were removed here for privacy. You may have more or fewer accounts than this.)

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